"Come along Pond" in Sherman's Circular Gallifreyan
Come along Pond

Hi, my name is d20cay and I love Doctor Who, probably more than anything yet, well except my best friends of course. Since I'm currently doing an apprenticeship as a software engineer, I thought it would be a good idea to unify as many Gallifreyan guides as possible in a website. In my free time, I like to program, watch Netflix and hang out with friends. Basically the typical nerd hobbies.

I'm generally very interested in languages. I've already been learning Esperanto for a year and started learning Japanese and Klingon from Star Trek a while ago. So as I one day stumbled upon a Gallifreyan tutorial on YouTube I was instantly hooked, since it had to do with my favourite show, Doctor Who, and looked really intriguing. I always had to remember what the different names and addresses for the writing types were. At which point I realized it might be cool to create a website that brings together as many writing systems as possible and add missing content that might help with understanding the writing system, which other guides might not have provided, based on my time spent in the community.

Content Provider & Publisher

All of the content on this page (gallifreyan.info) is written and published by myself. I hope to get some help with the writing of guides soon because I'm very busy but for now it's just me. The website and the server that all of this runs on is operated by OVH.


My main goal with this website is to spread the word about the amazing possibilities, flexibility and versatility of Gallifreyan by providing comprehensive guides that anyone can understand and apply. This was the goal when I started and will hopefully stay that way until I'm unable to entertain this website by my financial means.
Secondarily I also hope get enough traction through this site that I can use the commissions that people send me as a serious side hustle. If this page gets enough traction and gets enough traffic at some point I would like to use the contact form to allow other Gallifreyan artists to get more commissions.